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Body composition scan


How much fat do you really have?

How much muscle do you really have?


We can tell you with a body scan, down to 10 grams.


 What is a body composition scan?

A body composition scan is an instrument that uses a series of very small electrical impulses to determine a range of specific values related to your health.

The Evolt 360 is a medical-grade body composition scanner. It will measure and record 40 different body composition measurements and produce a comprehensive health report specific to you.


What information will the body composition scan give me?

Over 40 different measurements are performed in less than 60 seconds. The report includes a wide variety of health markers including:

Body composition scan

  • accurate body weight,
  • lean body mass,
  • skeletal muscle mass,
  • mineral content (reflects bone mass),
  • total body fat (and exactly where that fat is located),
  • visceral fat (the dangerous fat surrounding your vital internal organs),
  • bio-age based on on your internal health,
  • body balance: left and right; upper and lower body, and
  • a general overall comparable fitness score (hint 85+ is athletic).


Is the Evolt 360 body composition scan accurate?

Yes! The Evolt 360 is a medical-grade body scanner. It uses a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA). It is considered the fastest non-invasive method for screening body composition.

The Evolt 360 is a recognised world leader in BIA technology.


Who uses body composition scans?

Anyone and everyone will get useful information from a body composition scan whether you are:

  • an athlete looking to increase and balance muscle mass,
  • on older lady a bit worried about osteoporosis,
  • an office worker wanting to lose a few kilo’s, or
  • a student wanting to build their general fitness.


Body composition scan

Bathroom scales or a body composition scan?

Overall weight is a poor indicator of actual health.

How much of your weight is actual fat or worse, visceral fat? How much is muscle? How much is water?

If you go on a diet and lose some weight, how much is water loss? How much is fat loss? How much is muscle loss?

An Evolt 360 body scan gives you the whole picture, actual numbers! And you can use these as a guide toward better health.


Why download the Evolt 360 app?

The Evolt 360 app will give you even more information from your body composition scan:

  • recommended macronutrient and calorie intake based on body type, activity level and health goals,
  • comparisons to previous scans showing progress of your health goals.

Evolt Active App.
Body composition scan

Who can help me understand my report?

On the reverse of your body scan are all the definitions but to get the most value from your scan, get some advice from your health practitioner and/or personal trainer or coach.

Your GP can also help you get you started on your path to better health.


How often should I have a scan?

A body composition scan is a fantastic way to stay focused, keep motivated and build momentum to achieving your health goals.

We recommend:

  • A monthly scan for people just starting out. A month is long enough to make a change to diet and/or exercise and see a difference in the next scan.
  • A bimonthly scan for people well into achieving their goals.
  • A trimonthly scan for maintenance and keeping a eye on things that can creep up like visceral fat and body balance changes.

Having periodic and regular scans further enhances the accuracy of your scans.


Where can I get my scan?

Body composition scan
Evolt 360 body composition scans are available from Kalamunda Wellness Centre and can be booked through the on-line booking system. We are happy to go out to gyms; ask your gym instructor to get in contact with us. We also do visits to workplaces for those employers wanting to help their employees stay healthy; ask your boss to contact us to organise a visit.


What is the cost of a Evolt 360 body scan?

Our prices are kept purposefully low to make them accessible to everyone. This means that you can afford regular scans to help you reach your health goals.


Initial body scan $54/scan
Follow-up body scan $44/scan
Follow-up body scan (6 pack) $37/scan ($222)
Follow-up body scan (12 pack) $32/scan ($384)
Scan as part of your Chiro appointment with Bruce $20/scan


Children to 18 20%
Health card holders and DVA 20%
Referral from a health practitioner 10%
Referral from a PT/coach 10%
Group discount (10+scans) 10%
Health practitioner 50%
PT/coach 50%

Refer a friend or family member and have a free scan on us.


Need more information?

Evolt 360 website.
Contact Bruce or Lesley on 9257 2553.


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